Saltash Regatta – Sat 11th June 2016

A perfect day, flat calm for most of it & very little wind until the afternoon, roasting hot at times! Ladies B race was the hottest row ever!

LA – Annie, Helen, Caireen, Liz, Sarah, Lizzie – won 2nd heat

MA – Pete F, Matt, Simon, Scott, Mark, Sean – 2nd in 2nd heat

LB – Caireen, Helen, Leisa, Liz, Ros, Amy – 3rd in 2nd heat

MB – John, Sean, Dave, Bob, Ed, Ryan – 5th in 2nd heat

LC – Ros, Lizzie, Leisa, Liz, Sarah, Amy – 4th in 1st heat

MC – Dave, Bob, Ryan, Ed, John, MB Alan – ?

Mixed – Annie, Matt, Simon, Liz, Pete F, Helen – 2nd in 2nd heat

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